Horizontal carburettor for internal combustion engines


295,864. Soc. Anon. des Carburateurs et Appareils Claudel. Sept. 14, 1927, [Convention date]. Spray carburettors, - The diffusing system, comprising calibrated orifices and emulsion chambers, is removably lodged in a shell 7 and is held in place by a screwed plug 11 upon removing which the system is forced upwards by a spring 12. The shell 7 is cast with or attached to the horizontal induction passage 2 and encloses a main emulsion tube 13 with nozzle 14, and a slow-running tube 16 with calibrated orifices 23, The space 19 between the tube 13 and shell 7 is open to the atmosphere at 10. The tube 13 is flanged at 17, 18, the flange 18 bearing on a packing washer, and the flange 17 being perforated at 21 for the passage of the main emulsion to chamber 24 whence it passes through duct 25, Fig. 2, to an annular space 37 and thence through openings 39 into the main air stream beyond the choke tube 5. The air inlet is protected by a cap 4. The tube 16 is carried by the plug 11 which bears on the tube 13 at 22. The plug is recessed on its periphery to form three annular chambers 24, 26, 32. The chamber 26 is in communication both with the tube 16 and with the atmosphere through ducts 29, 29<1>, Fig. 6, under the control of a ball valve 30 the lift of which is limited by an adjustable screwed stop 31. The chamber 32 communicates through radial holes 33 and valve 34 with the central passage 28 above the slow-running tube 16, and also communicates through a bye-pass channel 36, Fig. 2, with the chamber of the throttle valve 6. The shell 7 serves as a raserve fuel chamber during slow-running.




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