An improved registration indicator for motor and other vehicles

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Charles Wilfred Ive
  • Publication Date: July 26, 1928
  • Publication Number: GB-294371-A


294,371. Ive, C. W. July 16, 1927. Signs.-An internally illuminated box-form vehicle number-plate has an overhead lamp, a hinged front, and a curved and backwardly sloping reflector arranged behind the stencil. The casing A has a canopy B containing a lamp C and is fitted with a hinged front F formed with a domed enlargement for a red rear light lens D. The stencil E is mounted in a cut-away opening in the front F or may slide in grooves in the casing. A backwardly sloping curved reflector H is fitted inside the casing or the rear wall of the casing is formed as the reflector. Openings L are formed in the bottom of the casing to allow dust to escape.




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