Figurative representation to be used for purposes of advertisement, show or the like


292,898. Berlin-Neuroder KunstanstaJten Akt.-Ges. June 25, 1927, [Convention date]. Void [Published under Sect. 91 of the Acts]. Pictorial mechanical toys. -A moving representation comprises a wheel &c. b rotatably mounted on the representation a and having an eccentrically pivoted connecting rod e the extension i of which forms a part of the representation. Other parts may be pivoted to the rod e, and a squeaker may be provided. When the device is rolled on a plane, or by hand. these parts, or, in a modification, the whole figure. have imparted thereto a positive reciprocating movement in a direction substantially at right angles to that in which the figure is moved bodily. The device may be used for advertisement, show, &c., and may form, or be attached to, the covers of a book, or may be mounted on a box, wrapper, or postcard.




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