Coupling arrangement for vehicle trailers

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Ludvik Isachsen
  • Publication Date: March 08, 1928
  • Publication Number: GB-286566-A


286,566. Isachsen, L. Oct. 7, 1927. Couplings for tractors.-A draw bar 12 fits like a sleeve on a rod 11 pivoted by means of a pin 8 to a member 4 of channel iron. The member 4 is pivotally connected to a fork 1 on the tractor by a vertical pin 6. Rattling is prevented by eccentric discs 22 on a revoluble bar 20. The steering rod 14 of the trailer is adjustably secured in a slot 13. The trailer may be braked hydraulically by means of a piston 17 and cylinder 15 connected by a conduit 16 with the brakes. The piston is controlled by the driver through levers 18, 19 ; or the piston may be connected to the brakes so as to be operated simultaneously therewith. The fork 1 may be integral with a nose 23, Fig. 5, adapted to be drawn into a sleeve 24 mounted on the tractor by means of a cable 32, and to be held there by a screw 27.




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