Improvements in tin or the like boxes, or containers, more especially intended for enclosing tobacco, or cigarettes, or other commodities


286,364. British-American Tobacco Co., Ltd., and Winmill, T. F. Dec. 2, 1926. Opening by cutting or tearing. - Tagger closures of tin or other metal foil are applied to tins or like containers by interposing the edges of the foil C between an outer ring or strip A of less fusible metal and the end of the container, and applying pressure or heat so that the interposed foil is " squirted " or a part thereof caused to flow into the surfaces of the contiguous metal parts to effect an air-tight closure. Fig. 3 shows one arrangement of parts separated before the seaming operation, shown performed in Fig. 4, which effects the " squirting " of the foil C. Figs. 5 and 6 show constructions in which heat is relied upon to effect the adhesion of the parts, a suitable flux being provided between the contacting surfaces. In these constructions solder may be applied at X further to secure the parts together.




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