Improvements in or relating to mouthpieces for tobacco pipes, cigar and cigarette holders, and other tubes

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Edwin Perks
  • Publication Date: March 01, 1928
  • Publication Number: GB-286191-A


286,191. Perks, E. Dec. 1, 1927. Tobacco pipes and cigar and cigarette holders.-A mouthpiece c for tobacco pipes, cigar or cigarette holders, and the like is provided with a lateral extension d at or near the free end, so that the mouthpiece and the end d<1> of the extension can be held between the teeth at opposite sides of the mouth. The extension may be integral with the mouthpiece or detachable, and it may be reinforced by a wire core, which may be secured to a tubular metal core in the mouthpiece.




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