Improvements in or connected with oil drums or the like and pumps therefor

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Joseph Reginald Pepper
  • Publication Date: December 01, 1927
  • Publication Number: GB-281096-A


281,096. Pepper, J. R. Dec. 2, 1926. Mountings. - A device for facilitating the pumping of liquids from casks &c. comprises a base or stand B having legs B<1> carrying an upright or rod R provided with a, slidable clip C which engages the pump-barrel P. Slidably mounted on the pump-barrel P is a clip H carrying a cone H<1> for fitting various sizes of bunghole. The internal diameter of the cone is large enough to allow waste collected in a drip-tray T to pass back into the barrel. The cone H may be integral with the tray T. A filter may be provided on the pump outlet.




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