An improved method of and apparatus for making pencils

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Charles Eugene Daniel
  • Publication Date: July 26, 1928
  • Publication Number: GB-280597-A


280,597. Daniels, C. E. Nov. 13, 1926, [convention date]. Extrusion machines. - Pencils are formed by extruding a pulp mass through a shaping-nozzle, applying heat to the mass as it emerges to dry and harden it, and utilizing the movement of the extruded mass to insert a core of lead or crayon. As shown, a horizontal cylinder 5, supplied with a pulp mass 13 through a hopper 7, is furnished with a nozzle 8 through which the mass is extruded by a plunger 9 actuated by a screw 10 and handwheel 12. Lead or cores 17 are inserted into a tube 15 secured to the nozzle by webs 16 and supported within a bore 14 of the screw 10, the forward end of the core engaging a socket 24 in a head 21 carried by a member 20 furnished with a pair of sleeves 23 engaging guides 18. Adjacent to the nozzle is a heater comprising a cylindrical casing 25, having a lower perforated portion below which is housed a gas burner 27, and an inner concentric portion 29 perforated at 30. In operation, the head 21 is brought up to the nozzle and a cork 17 inserted through the tube 15 after which the screw 10 is operated to force the mass 13 through the nozzles where it becomes heated and hardened and forces back the head 21 together with the core 17.




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