Improvements in carpet sweepers


278,500. Entwisle & Kenyon, Ltd., Kenyon, W. H., and Shorrock, J. L. Sept. 11, 1926. Carpet-sweepers. - The endiron D which carry the pivots for the brush roller are each provided with a grip member to enable the irons to be readilv drawn outwardly for the removal of the brush. The grip member comprises a ring E, as shown in Fig. 3, or a knob, bolt, hook, or loop secured to the iron D. In a modification, shown in Fig. 4, the edges of the iron are Ps. 2525. curved and splayed outwardly above and below the pivot d to form a finger grip. Alternatively, a piece of metal similarly curved and splayed may be riveted to the end iron. Specification 24337/03 is referred to.




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