Improvements in or relating to electric cables having a supported lead sheath


273,266. Siemens - Schuckertwerke Ges. June 25, 1926, [Convention date]. Armouring cables. - In lead sheathed deepwater cables in which a support for the sheath is provided in the form of an open wire helix or of a flexible metal tube constituted by interengaging profiled bands, the gaps in the supporting member are closed against the entrance of the lead under pressure. In one arrangement, Fig. 1, one or more layers of flat wire 3 are wound over the supporting helix 2 so as to overlap at the edges. In the case of a supporting member formed of interengaging profiled bands constituting a flexible tube, the joints between the bands may be partially filled with a winding of wire or an elastic material so as not to destroy the flexibility of the tube.




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