Method of and means for producing kinematographic pictures in natural colours

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Eugen Maurich
  • Publication Date: June 09, 1927
  • Publication Number: GB-272288-A


272,288. Maurich, E. March 9, 1926. Enlarging, copying, and reducing.-Printing apparatus for colour kinematography comprises two kinematograph apparatus having bodies exactly alike and adjustable in relative position: a lens system is placed between them so that printing may be effected by projection in either direction. As shown in Fig. 1, each apparatus 1, 2 is adjustable transversely in dovetail guides by screws 4, and the gates 11 are exchangeable, and adjustable vertically and laterally by screws 12. A lens system 7, preferably producing an erect image, shutters 15<a> of known type, film punches 19, connected so that they operate simultaneously, a lamp 10, and a telescope 13 for viewing the projected image, are provided. The mechanisms are synchronously driven by means permitting their relative speeds to be varied, and shutters 20, Fig. 5, may be provided to cover the unwanted negative images when printing all the records of one colour from films in which groups of colour records 15, 16, 17 occupy one normal image area. The positives may be printed on separate films which are cemented together after colouring, the emulsions on the outer films being turned inwards. Alternatively, the images may be succesively printed in superposition on one film which is resensitized on one or both sides between printings. When printing from multicolour records, separate negatives for each colour are first produced by printing through colour screens. A modification is described in which the two apparatus 1, 2 are arranged at an angle to one another and projection is effected with the aid of a, reflecting prism.




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