Improvements in or relating to sporting guns


271,413. LevÚ, C. A. T. May 15, 1926, [Convention date]. Breech actions, sliding breech-block.-A magazine shotgun having a sliding breechblock, , has mechanism con. trolled by an auxiliary extractor for controlling the feeding of the cartridges from the magazine to the barrel. As shown, the gun has a magazine comprising a box-like part 2 capable of being lowered into a casing 1 where it is held depressed by a spring catch 12 when it is desired to load the gun by hand. The magazine 2 is raised by a spring and is lowered by the closing breechblock engaging the inclined top edge 3. The spring catch 12 is automatically released when the breech is opened, by mechanism controlled by a knob 9, for magazine loading. The knob 9 also controls the action of an extractor 8 which is rendered operative when it is desired to extract an unfired cartridge to replace it by one of a different sort.




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