Improved means for stripping cotton from cages and analogous rotating members in preparatory textile machines


267,581. Hetherington & Sons, Ltd., J., and Haigh, E. V. Nov. 21, 1925. Openers etc.; feeding openers &c.-Cotton is stripped from the surface of the rotating perforated cage, upon which it has been deposited in a textile machine, and thrown downwards in a scattered condition by an endless band, which forms a nip with the cage; the speed of the band being greater than the peripheral speed of the cage. The cage 7 in a delivery box in a pneumatic cotton mixing machine is provided with a screen 8. A band 18 passing over two rollers 14, 17 forms a nip x with the cage. Airtight closing-members 9, 19 are provided, and the cotton falls through the door 5 in the box 4. The cage and the band are driven by a single endless cord passing over pulleys on the spindles 15, 13 and over suitable guide pulleys. There is a stepped down ratio between the roller shaft and the cage shaft to give the increased linear speed to the band.




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