Improvements in collapsible tubes

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Hubert Chase Mason
  • Publication Date: February 21, 1927
  • Publication Number: GB-266021-A


266,021. Mason, H. C. Oct. 19, 1925. Stoppers with valves.-Collapsable tubes having an exit opening d at the side of the neck are provided with a valve b, which opens automatically when pressure is applied to the tube, and closes when the pressure is relaxed. The tube is preferably closed at the outer end a<2>, between which and the valve is located a compression spring c, which presses the valve against a stop. Alternatively, a tension spring may be arranged below the valve, and secured, for example, to a bar extending across the tube. The edges of the opening d may be thinned down, so as to be left clean by the action of passing a brush across the opening. Means such as a pin passed through the neck, may be used to prevent unintentional movement of the valve. The Provisional Specification describes also a valve in the form of a flanged rubber fitting provided with a split, which opens when pressure is applied to the tube.




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