Improvements in or relating to weft-replenishing mechanism of looms for weaving


265,209. Maschinenfabrik Rauschenbach Akt.-Ges., (Assignees of Bantle, K.). Jan. 27, 1926, [Convention date]. Shuttles, changing bobbins in, automatically. - In order that bobbins of different sizes may be employed, the magazine is provided with an adjustable plate for guiding the heads of the upper bobbins, while the lowermost bobbins are guided by a plate adjustable in the axial direction of the bobbins. The plate 6 for guiding the bobbins in the channel 3 and against a guide roll 4 is secured to the magazine by screws 5 passing through slots in the plate 6, which is adjusted in accordance with the diameter of the bobbins. The three lowermost bobbins are not guided by the plate 6 but their ends are supported and guided by a curved plate 7 mounted on adjustable rods 8. In order that the transferrer 9 may engage the bobbins centrally, an adjustable campiece 10 is secured to the transferrer and upon operation, engages the edge 13 of the guide wall 4, the cam being adjusted in accordance with the diameter of the bobbins.




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