Improvement in safety razors

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Marcus Hall Rhodes
  • Publication Date: January 27, 1927
  • Publication Number: GB-264707-A


264,707. Rhodes, M. H. May 3, 1926. Razors, safety. A construction of safety razor in which the blade 3 can be adjusted angularly with respect to the handle 1, comprises a blade support of dihedral form, the flattened upper end of the handle being pivoted on a pin 8 between one limb 4 and a tongue 7 struck 'up from the other limb 2 on which the blade 3 rests. The limb 4 preferably has an arcuate edge, and has a segmental offset portion 5 frictionally engaging the handle to retain the support in adjusted position. Adjustment can be effected between the position shown in Fig. 4 and the two extreme positions in which the blade is parallel to the handle, stop projections 11 being provided on limb 4. The blade is retained by a resilient U-form cover-plate 12 bearing on the blade at 13 and on limb 4 at 16. The cover has securing tongues 14 engaging corresponding slots in limb 2 and forming abutment for the rear edge of the blade. Projections 17 are provided on limb 2 to the rear of the blade. When the cover is depressed behind these projections the part 13 is raised, as indicated in dotted lines, to free the blade.




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