Improvements in and relating to golf club shafts


264,384. Butchart, C. S. June 7, 1926. Shafts.-In a golf club of the kind comprising reinforcing strips united to the longitudinal faces of a resilient core, the reinforcing strips merge into the core at the waist portion 3, Fig. 1, at a point remote from the socketed shank of the club head. The shaft comprises a rectangular core 5, Fig. 4, of hickory increasing in crosssectional area from the handle to the portion 3, Fig. 1, where it assumes a circular cross-section and enters the socket of the head. Strips 7, 8 of a harder wood than the core, for example, green heart, bamboo, or black palm, and of gradually decreasing width and thickness from their upper ends are adhesively united to the flat surfaces of the core into which they merge at the circular portion 3. The cross-' sections of the core and outer strips may take the form shown in Figs. 5, 6, 7, and 8. Bindings 19 of fine silk may be applied to the shaft.




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