Improvements in and relating to means for mounting bobbins in spinning, roving and similar machines

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Peter Sharp
  • Publication Date: January 10, 1927
  • Publication Number: GB-263910-A


263,910. Sharp, P. Sept. 10, 1925. No Patent granted (Sealing fee not paid). Spindle apparatus. -The bases of the bobbins in spinning, roving and similar machines are recessed by enlarging the bore to accommodate a boss e, which may be attached to or be integral with the lifter plate or, as shown, be carried by a plate h, so that the bobbin is not pressed against the spindle by the drag cord, and the bores of the bobbins may be recessed, as shown at i, so that only the upper parts j make a close fit with the spindle.




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