Improvements in or relating to apparatus for the manufacture of rubber or the like tubes


259,685. Dunlop Rubber Co., Ltd., and Dalglish, J. July 18, 1925. Moulding indiarubber tubes.-Apparatus for forming a taper on rubber tubes, for example, in the manufacture of tyre tubes, comprises a mandrel on which the tube is mounted, and a tapered member sliding into contact with the end of the mandrel and embracing the end of the tube. A mandrel 1 is formed with a knife edge 5 at its end, and on this is mounted the tube 7. A sleeve 10 carries a tapered member 8 mounted between a flange 15 and a spring 11. The sleeve is forced into a recess in the end of the mandrel, and locked by means of a bayonet joint 14, whereby the tapered member is pressed on to the tube forming a taper, and cutting off surplus rubber. The tube is then vulcanized. In a modification, the tapered member slides on a screwed rod projecting from the end of the mandrel, and is forced into position by a hand wheel engaging the screw.




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