Improvements in combined automatic switches and voltage regulators

  • Inventors:
  • Assignees: Bosch Robert
  • Publication Date: August 11, 1927
  • Publication Number: GB-258223-A


258,223. Bosch Akt.-Ges., R. Sept. 11, 1925, [Convention date]. Supplying consuming devices from variable.-speed generators; regulation, automatic.-An automatic regulator and end in switch for a vehicle dynamo A and battery G. is formed with a single armature E supported by flat springs 5, 6 in a magnet casing D. Upon sufficient excitation of series and shunt coils 1, 2 by the dynamo A, the armature E moves to the right and transmits its motion through a spring 13 to a member H supported bv a flat spring 10, the member H moving against the action of a spring 14, which is weaker than the spring 13, until a contact 12 thereof abuts against a contact F and completes the circuit to the battery G through the series coil 1 and lead 17, In the position of the armature E, a resistance C in series with the dynamo field B, is shorted through lead 18, spring 5, armature E, flange contact 9, contact 11 of member H, and earth. Increase of voltage of the dynamo causes the armature E to move further to the right, thereby braking circuit at contacts 9, 11, and inserting the resistance C in the field circuit, and the apparatus functions as a vibration regulator. Should further increase of voltage occur, the armature E is moved so far that contacts 9, 12 engage thereby shorting the field 13 through the circuit, lead 18, contact 9, contact 12, leads 17 and 16.




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