Column-beam welding joints and manufacturing method thereof



Provided is column-beam welding joints with excellent aseismatic performance and easy and low-cost on-the-spot and factory forms. A column-beam welding joint (1A) is provided with a beam member (2), an upper flange (4) having an upper arc gap (6) via a beam web (3) and a lower flange (5) having a lower arc gap (7) so that an H-shaped section is formed and further comprises a column member (31A),an upper complete fusion welding part (8A), a lower complete fusion welding part (9A) and a lower surfacing part (13).The above upper complete fusion welding part (8A) is formed by a welding metal part (10) forming at the position where the side surface of the column member is in butt joint with the end surface of the upper flange. The lower complete fusion welding part (9A), arranged on a bottom-layer welding part and used for bridging, is formed at the position where the side surface of the column member is in butt joint with an end surface of a lower flange. By surfacing, the lower surfacing part (13) is formed at a lower arc gap bottom (SL), abutting against the lower flange, of a lower arc gap, to the side of the column member, to a side opposite to the column member, and to two sides of the thickness direction of the beam web.




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