Isothermal normalizing furnaceburdentray



The invention providesan isothermal normalizing furnaceburdentray. The isothermal normalizing furnaceburdentray comprises a square burden tray body and is characterized in that the burden tray body comprises a square inner tray and a square outer frame, and the outline shape of the square outer frame is consistent with the outline shape of the square inner tray; a plurality of round inserting holes are formed in the square inner tray in an arraying manner, every two adjacent round inserting holes are connected by a connecting bridge, and each round inserting hole is connected with the square outer frame through a connecting bridge; the square outer frame is higher than the square inner tray, and groove-shaped openings are further formed in four corners of the square outer frame. The isothermal normalizing furnaceburdentray is simple in structure, can perform isothermal normalizing treatment on all irregular shaft workpieces, well meets the processing requirements of the workpieces, and is mainly applied to the isothermal normalizing process of shaft workpieces.




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