Transparent art porcelain preparation method



The invention discloses a transparent art porcelain preparation method which comprises the following steps: material selecting, crushing, proportioning, mud making, molding, secondary firing, blank making, molding, firing in a kiln, cooling and kiln cooling, and drawing, and a porcelain glass, namely a ceramic product with a transparent side and a non transparent side can be obtained. The preparation method can make round bottles, square bottles and other various synthetic arts with the following features: the art porcelain has the transparent side and the non transparent side, the transparent side and the non transparent side are respectively yin and yang sides, and are colorful, the inner and outer side of the art porcelain both show beautiful patterns, by the process the realm of art porcelain can be better expressed, the glass porcelain product produced by the method integrates collection and watch in one, and is a new porcelain variety, namely glassy porcelain, and the transparent art porcelain preparation method is a new transparent art porcelain making process.




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