Distribution method for information communication



The invention discloses a distribution method for information communication. The distribution method for information communication comprises the steps that a corresponding relation table between the types of all data in information and sending strategies corresponding to the types of the data is established; a mapping table between the types of data and client sides is established according to the type of data subscribed by the client sides; data from a client side are received, anomaly detection is conducted on the data firstly, and if the data are abnormal, data receiving is conducted again after the data are abandoned; when it is judged that the received data are normal, the size of the data is calculated, and the type of the received data is analyzed; the client side corresponding to the type of the data is found according to the established mapping table between the types of data and the client sides; data processing is conducted according to different data types, and a sending queue is submitted; data are extracted from the sending queue to be sent according to the priority and the sending way; after the data are sent, correct and effective transmission of data in a wireless communication system is achieved.




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