Driving device of automobile LED (light emitting diode) steering lamp



The invention discloses a driving device of an automobile LED (light emitting diode) steering lamp. The driving circuit comprises an amplifying circuit, a driving circuit, a detection circuit and a feedback circuit, wherein the amplifying circuit is respectively connected with the output end of a MCU (microprocessor control unit), a level power source and the driving circuit, the driving circuit is respectively connected with the detection circuit, the feedback circuit and a load of the LED steering lamp, the feedback circuit is connected with the amplifying circuit, and the detection circuit is connected with the AD (analog-digital) input end of the MCU. The driving circuit has the advantages that the short-circuiting fault and the lamp falling fault of the load of the LED steering clamp can be identified, the circuit is simple, the use amount of component devices is fewer, the cost is reduced, the property is stable and reliable, the batch production is realized, the portability is high, the driving circuit can be directly used on any type of automobile body controller, the development speed, working efficiency and market competitiveness of products is improved, the development time of the products is shortened, and the development cost is reduced.




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