Preparation method of monensin premix



The invention discloses a preparation method of a monensin premix. The preparation method comprises the following specific steps: preparing cinnamon streptomyce strain; seed flask culture and seed tank culture are performed; when the age of the seed is 20-24h, the pH of a culture solution is 6.6-7.1, the biomass is above 10%, and microscopic examination shows that mycelia are thick and reticular, are stretched and darkly stained and are free of foreign bacteria, performing fermentation culture is performed; when the residual oil amount is below 0.7%, the biomass is above 40%, the mycelium concentration is 40-50%, and the monensin titer is not lower than 40000U/mL, fermentation is finished; monensin is extracted by a one-step spray drying method, wherein the prepared finished monensin product has the monensin content of above 20% and the grain rate of above 75%. According to the preparation method, the fermentation process is simple, so that the fermentation unit can be effectively increased and the production cost can be reduced; usages of an animal-derived nitrogen source and a chemical organic solvent are avoided.




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