Production method of fermented chili peppers



The invention relates to a production method of fermented chili peppers. The production method comprises the following production steps: preparing a container; selecting red chili peppers or green chili peppers, with diameters of 2-3 cm and weights of 15-20 g, as the main materials, wherein the ingredients of the fermented chili peppers are as follow according to the following proportion: rice 22-28%, glutinous rice 55-60%, sesame 5-8%, Chinese prickly ash 1-3%, salt 4-5%, and pepper 1-3%, the sum of the raw materials being 100%. The chili peppers are cleaned, one ring opening is formed on the stalk connection part on the upper part of each chili pepper, the chili pepper stalk and chili pepper seeds are removed together and standby; the ingredients are fried and ground, the chili peppers are filled with the ingredients and fermented, the quality of the fermented chili peppers is inspected, the fermented chili peppers are packaged and finally irradiated and sterilized. The fermented chili peppers are sour, glutinous, hot and pure in taste and have a special Guizhou flavor, so that the fermented chili peppers can be a very good appetizer and can be a snack to eat.




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