Conveyor belt skirt rubber



The invention relates to conveyor belt skirt rubber. The conveyor belt skirt rubber is characterized by being prepared from the following components in parts by weight: 25-45 parts of natural rubber, 35-55 parts of butadiene-styrene rubber, 0-20 parts of reclaimed rubber, 1-1.5 parts of an accelerant, 3-6 parts of a vulcanizing activator, 2-3 parts of a vulcanizing agent, 10-25 parts of a plasticizer, 40-60 parts of a reinforcing filler, 1-3 parts of a coupling agent and 1-4 parts of an anti-aging agent. A preparation method for the conveyor belt skirt rubber comprises the following steps: a, sequentially adding the natural rubber, the butadiene-styrene rubber, the reclaimed rubber, the reinforcing filler, the accelerant, the plasticizer, the coupling agent and the anti-aging agent into an internal mixer, adding the vulcanizing agent and the vulcanizing activator, and uniformly mixing; b, extruding the mixed rubber material into a conveyor belt rubber skirt-shaped rubber strip by a rubber extruder. The conveyor belt skirt rubber is excellent in formulation, and has the advantages of high strength, good elasticity, and good tear resistance and flex resistance; the conveyor belt skirt rubber has good viscosity with a conveyor belt and effectively prolongs the service life of the conveyor belt, so that the production efficiency of an enterprise is improved and the conveying cost of the enterprise is reduced.




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