Process for producing gluconic acid by use of bipolar membrane electrodialysis method



The invention provides a process for producing a gluconic acid by use of a bipolar membrane electrodialysis method. The process is characterized in that large-particle suspended solids are firstly removed from the raw material sodium gluconate by use of a bag filter, large molecular weight pollutants are intercepted by use of a nanofiltration method, the obtained sodium gluconate permeate comes into an electrodialysis bipolar-membrane stack to circulate, and finally, NaOH obtained in a base chamber and gluconic acid obtained in an acid chamber are recovered; the sodium gluconate permeate has the mass fraction of 10%-40%, the temperature ranging from 15 DEG C to 50 DEG C, the hardness being less than or equal to 30mg/l, the suspended solid content being less than or equal to 0.5mg/l, the electrical conductivity of 22-30ms/cm and the residual sugar concentration being less than or equal to 0.8%. The raw material sodium gluconate is pretreated so that the indexes of the pretreated raw material sodium gluconate are suitable for the subsequent bipolar membrane electrodialysis process, and the purposes of high recycling rate of the gluconic acid, low energy consumption and steady operation can be reached.




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