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US-3433431-A: Automatic line rewinder patent, US-3480856-A: Multi-wire cable continuity and short tester patent, US-3503530-A: Transfer cart for transferring an article handling vehicle between aisles of a warehouse patent, US-3595390-A: Ore flotation process with poly(ethylene-propylene)glycol frothers patent, US-3857565-A: Stop-action sports game patent, US-3900825-A: Vibrator-type reflection seismic surveying patent, US-3978596-A: Sandals and method of making same patent, US-4014307-A: Barrel for ball throwing machine patent, US-4215227-A: Recovery of para-nitrosodium phenolate patent, US-4269411-A: Modular bowling lane system patent, US-4305701-A: Priming apparatus for liquid ink writing instruments patent, US-4447066-A: Sealing boot patent, US-4457742-A: Torque transmission belt means patent, US-4487753-A: Sulfur production patent, US-4524320-A: Conductor identifying probe and voltage supply device patent, US-4551976-A: Shipping and installation strap for linear actuator patent, US-4616521-A: Transmission control method providing overlapped engagement of power transmission systems patent, US-4626675-A: Demultiplexing photodiode sensitive to plural wavelength bands patent, US-4667943-A: Resilient bushing patent, US-4688332-A: Method and apparatus for aeration of stored grain patent, US-4721911-A: Nuclear magnetic resonance tomography apparatus patent, US-4726084-A: Beach mat apparatus patent, US-4776404-A: Multiple unit turf aerator patent, US-4818154-A: End-effector assembly for countersinking a predrilled bore patent, US-4848583-A: Tray having web secured in frame patent, US-4867477-A: Device for maintaining a strap of a safety belt in an adjustable position patent, US-5060577-A: Diaphragm assembly for the ends of passenger railroad cars comprising one piece integrally molded urethane channel members patent, US-5151355-A: Process for the production of high purity thrombin patent, US-5171303-A: Hypodermic needle cannula guard patent, US-5186180-A: Intra-vaginal prolapse diagnostic instrument patent, US-5237624-A: Reproduction of image pattern data patent, US-5381896-A: Presentation tray for surgical instruments patent, US-5390193-A: Test pattern generation patent, US-5409031-A: Safety shut off valve patent, US-5456522-A: Concave cutter bit patent, US-5465487-A: Method of making a rigid frame construction patent, US-5518177-A: Compressed air hydrant heater device patent, US-5564317-A: One-piece pressure relief valve for transmission cooling system patent, US-5679870-A: Preparation of acetaldehyde patent, US-5713843-A: Sponge applicator with fluid ball patent, US-5745350-A: Power supply circuit with a widely varying input voltage patent, US-5772659-A: Electrosurgical generator power control circuit and method patent, US-5803791-A: Launcher and pod combination, for dispensing miniature flyers at altitude patent, US-5893988-A: Hybrid circuit trimming system and method including protective light-intercepting cap patent, US-5904386-A: Bumper protector patent, US-5970964-A: Circuit device for igniting internal combustion engine and semiconductor device for igniting internal combustion engine patent, US-6050304-A: Weaving loom, particularly an air nozzle weaving loom patent, US-6233778-B1: Wiper arm with cap patent, US-6260484-B1: Shotgun cartridge and shotshell wad patent, US-6263292-B1: High accuracy particle dimension measurement system patent, US-6266548-B1: Indotracheal tube patent, US-6272462-B1: Supervised adaptation using corrective N-best decoding patent, US-6295446-B1: Method and apparatus to detect fraudulent calls in a radio network patent, US-6340119-B2: Techniques for reading two dimensional code, including MaxiCode patent, US-6515972-B1: Dynamic radio link adaptation patent, US-6524266-B1: Ankle brace with cuff patent, US-6593796-B1: Method and apparatus for powering multiple AC loads using overlapping H-bridge circuits patent, US-6597459-B2: Data age adjustments patent, US-6630761-B1: Combination mechanical and magnetic support for a flywheel power supply patent, US-6636308-B1: Apparatus for measuring characteristics of optical angle patent, US-3662547-A: Coaxial injector for reaction motors patent, US-3727172-A: Electrical connector patent, US-3762155-A: Simulated pendulum clock patent, US-3975508-A: Method of prevention and removal of sulfur deposits from H2 S absorption equipment patent, US-4140097-A: Oscillating platform for a ball-throwing device patent, US-4226186-A: Sealed-volume cartridge patent, US-4602146-A: Hand held hair dryer patent, US-4652056-A: Mineral cutting device patent, US-4762240-A: Articulating crane patent, US-4837601-A: Automatic photographic paper processing apparatus patent, US-4861285-A: Switching fusible apparatus patent, US-4896113-A: Use of repeated gradient echoes for noise reduction and improved NMR imaging patent, US-4922878-A: Method and apparatus for controlling a solenoid operated fuel injector patent, US-4937308-A: Preparation of alkyl O,O-dialkyl-γ-phosphonotiglates patent, US-5008753-A: Clamp system used for television signal patent, US-5039993-A: Periodic array with a nearly ideal element pattern patent, US-5042167-A: Oil dipstick guide patent, US-5042310-A: Method for the determination of area of drawings and device for implementing the same patent, US-5253958-A: Device for driving a stake into the ground patent, US-5295861-A: Connector for ignition coil assembly patent, US-5342695-A: Laminated films patent, US-5343296-A: Optical scanner with self contained standardization means patent, US-5349438-A: Structure for the dynamic support of a reflective element and interferometer comprising the same patent, US-5378987-A: Method and apparatus for non-invasive measurement of temperature distribution within target body using nuclear magnetic resonance imaging patent, US-5440989-A: Method and device for performing worksteps on a cylinder of a printing press patent, US-5482575-A: Fe-Re-B type magnetic powder, sintered magnets and preparation method thereof patent, US-5535856-A: Antivibration clip which biases friction pad and caliper in same direction patent, US-5575381-A: Interlock for high ampere-rated circuit breaker contact closing springs patent, US-5640075-A: Method for controlling a stepping motor patent, US-5819706-A: Air-assisted injection system for multi-valve engine patent, US-5828665-A: Apparatus and method for selecting improved routing paths in an emulated lan over an ATM network patent, US-5852623-A: Cerium activated colquirite laser crystal patent, US-5855375-A: Seal for steering assist fluid motor patent, US-5873260-A: Refrigeration apparatus and method patent, US-5916233-A: Vessel harvesting method and instrument including access port patent, US-5946486-A: Apparatus and method for tracing entries to or exits from a dynamic link library patent, US-5980603-A: Ferrous powder compositions containing a polymeric binder-lubricant blend patent, US-6090232-A: Component made from a metallic foam material patent, US-6095132-A: Gas burner for smoker grill patent, US-6167885-B1: Method and apparatus for controlling the body temperature of a patient patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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